The Lighthouse buildings


Clare Island Lighthouse comprises much more than a simple Lighthouse tower. It is a tight-knit collection of buildings including (uniquely) two towers, several small cottages and a converted-out house, perched on a high cliff but securely enclosed within the sturdy, original stone walls dating from 1806. The original lighthouse-keepers residence houses three of the guest rooms – Achill View, Jackie O’Grady and William Landers. The Lantern Tower, a two-storey structure with breath-taking 360° panoramic views, is also connected to this main house.

The older Lighthouse Tower is a separate structure. Now called Tower House, it houses guest accommodation on two floors. Two cottages nestle at each corner of the Atlantic side of the property, namely, Cliff Corner to the west and Banshee Cottage to the east. The final guest space is Sauna Suite, a converted and extended outbuilding with private sauna, now a warm & welcoming wellness apartment. Several other small sheds still have a working life as shelters for fuel and other essentials for daily life.

In the north west corner of the lighthouse grounds, we have transformed the old ladder room/wood shed into 2 small cosy units called “the snugs”